Shirin June
                    Hair: Brown                     (951) 675-8852             Date of Birth: 06-15-85
                    Eyes: Brown                 Riverside, CA 92507                         Weight: 115
                    Height: 4’ 11.5”           [email protected]                          Vocal: Alto
Show                                           Role                                  Director             Production Company/Event
The M Word (One Woman Show)    Bride                                   Ara Adami                  Declaration of Sentiments
A Midsummer Night’s Dream          Bottom                                Dean Andres                          University Heights
42nd Street                                  Hilda                                    Dean Andres                          University Heights
Comedy of Errors (Touring Show)  Dromio Twins                        Pat Ansuini              Univ of California, Riverside
Nickel and Dimed                         Gail/Maddy/Social Worker      Eric Barr                  Univ of California, Riverside
The Love of a Nightingale              Echo/Fem. Chorus/Serv.        Eric Barr                  Univ of California, Riverside
Daddy’s Girls                                Daisy                                  Yeina Benitez                                     Playworks
Macbeth (Touring Show)                First Witch                            Patrick Brien        Inland Empire Shakes. Festival
A Midsummer Night’s Dream          Helena                                Paul Jacques              MSJC Shakespeare Festival
Twelfth Night                                Maria                                  Paul Jacques         Inland Empire Shakes. Festival
Christmas Carol                            Olivia/Laundress/Urchin        Paul Jacques                             3 Theatre Group
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern...        Player (Toured)                   Paul Jacques                              3 Theatre Group
Criminal Hearts                             Ata                                    Bethany Kraemer      Univ of California, Riverside
I Do, I Don’t (One Woman Show)    She                                   Bethany Kraemer         Declaration of Sentiments
The Milkman                                 Q                                      Bethany Kraemer                      CSU, Los Angeles
Open Door Policy                           Sharna                              Rob Rinow                           Golden Mean Players
The Merchant of Venice                  Nerissa                              Robin Russin                              3 Theatre Group
The South Alabama Game              Amanda                             Jessi Sundell                       Golden Mean Players
God Walks into a Bar                     Gaia/Ra/Zoroaster              Jessi Sundell                       Golden Mean Players

Show                                         Role                                       Recognition    Production Company/Event
The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet            Director                                                                                  Arts and Minds
Re-Visions                                  Director                                                                                         Playworks
Buckworld One                           Production Manager, Stage Manager                                 Hindsight Productions
Califest                                      Production Manager, Stage Manager                                 Hindsight Productions
God Walks into a Bar                  Assistant Director                                                            Golden Mean Players
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern...      Assistant Director                                                                  3 Theatre Group
The Tape Recorder                    Director, Sound Manager             Best Director           John W. North High School
Flora, the Red Menace               Stage Manager                            Best Stg Mgr           John W. North High School

Title                                              Role                               Director              Production Company/Event
The Princess of Oz                           Dorothy                          Ed Cao                                   Ed Cao Productions
2010 Mehreghan Festival              Correspondent/Interviewer   Roya Iravani                  Royal Dream Productions
Adopt a Sailor                                 Production Assistant         Charles Evered                 Wonderstar Productions
UCR Freshman Orientation Module    Student, Instructor           Carolyn Coal            Carolyn Coal/UCR Production

BA (2007)                University of California, Riverside
Acting Techniques                          Eric Barr
Acting and Vocal Techniques           Erith Jaffe-Berg, (including Shakespearean emphasis)
Criticism, Criticism and Analysis      Richard Hornby, Rickerby Hinds & Erith Jaffe-Berg
Production and Design                   Glen Dunzweiler & Haibo Yu
Stage Make-Up and Application       Paul Jacques
MFA (2012)              California State University, Los Angeles
Acting for Film                                Steve Rothman, Nancy Kwan
Acting for Television                       Howard Ritter, Tanya Kane-Parry
Structure of Theatre, Film, TV          Susan Mason, Matt Harry
Directing                                        Kristiina Hackel

Special Skills  Founded Golden Mean Players at University California, Riverside (2005); Languages: Farsi, English, Spanish; Accents: Southern, Irish, British; Dance: Basic Tap, Basic Ballet, Musical, Swing, Ballroom; Other: Understanding of Shakespearean texts; Can raise just one eyebrow; Can wink either eye; Can do the "Xena" war cry; Can speak very quickly.  I am bubbly.
Special Awards Irene Ryan Acting Award Nominee (2007 & 2011), Inland Theatre League Award Nominee (2007--Winner, 2011), Board of Directors/Marketing/PR, 3 Theatre Group; Resident Artist for RAC's Arts and Minds